5) Sacred Space Level 2 (4 Days) 

4) Advanced MindsEye Plus Heart Code & Soul (3.5 Days)

The physical body follows the energy.
Resolve the energy imbalances and you can resolve the physical imbalances.

I want to learn. Where do I start?

One of the most asked questions I hear is, "How do you do what you do?"
Is this is you? Does it seem overwhelming or you don't know where to start? Learn energy medicine from a Christian perspective. Carol and I have outlined the best way to learn energy medicine the Sacred Space way! 

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Do you want to think outside the box and solve complex problems? Master conflict resolution? Contemplate the unknown? Paint to rival the masters? Learn to play heavenly music?  

Writer's block? New potential.
Creative block? Open to new possibilities.

Join us for MindsEye and discover a whole new world of genius.

Highly recommended: Read The God Session book

Creativity lies at the heart of manifestation. 

MindsEye Level 1

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Sacred Space Healing System include a full complement of unique healing methods. It is its own fully functioning system but can enhance any other healing system in existence. Even if you are new to energy medicine, this workshop is packed with easy to learn, revolutionary, advanced techniques with lots of practice. This will forever change the landscape of your healing.

Prerequisite: MindsEye Level 1

Learn healing methods not available in other systems.

Sacred Space Healing Method
Foundations Course

Take your MindsEye to the next level. Increase the speed and accuracy of your intuition. 

Stop fear-based energy patterns that show up as drama, victim/victim mentality, abuse (even if it is beating yourself up), hero (always needing to come to the rescue or save the day).

Step into love-based energy patterns of Truth, Trust, Clarity, & Love/Acceptance.

Learn new Sacred Space Heart Code techniques to make all of this so much easier and more attainable than ever. 

Learn new ways of manifesting what you want in life by using the Heart Code 6-step method.

Students must be approved to take this class.

Prerequisite: Sacred Space Level 1

Six steps to heart-centered manifestation. 

Advanced MindsEye & Heart Code

Sacred Space techniques are fast, effective, & extremely gentle in addressing memories, trauma, & emotions and are vastly different than other methods currently available,

Sometimes memories hit us at a deep soul level or even into the quantum realm of our atoms and molecules. To find freedoms, we must resolve the memories there or we stay stuck in them. 

Sometimes we are so tangled up with others who were involved in our memories that we cannot find the thread that holds the trauma of those memories in place. We must find all the threads of our memories, traumas, and emotions to find true freedom. 

In Level 2 we explore soul-level healing, quantum mechanics for clearing energy patterns even into the particle level, and disentangling from energy patterns that keep us stuck in life-long patterns.

Students must be approved to take this class.

Prerequisite: Advanced MindsEye & HeartCode

Learn healing methods not available in other systems.

Sacred Space Healing Method Level 2