We were born with body healing intelligence. Your body’s ability to heal is instinctive and as old as mankind. If you cut your finger or break a bone or get a cold, your body knows what to do to heal. We don’t have to know how in our minds. The body just does it for us.

The Body Knows Best

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So why are we sick? What keeps that instinctive intelligence – that wisdom – within us from doing what it needs to do? The answer? Life happens. With the stress we are under day in and day out, we may only have enough resources to get through the demands of today. That doesn’t leave a lot of energy to do the things that we’ve been trying to fix (heal) for a while.

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I ask your body, "What is the most important thing that needs attention to shift your health in a positive direction?" Then I ask, "How are we going to shift it?"
Then I combine energy and natural medicines to move your health in that direction.

To Support Your Healing Process

I combine Energy and Natural medicines


Together we can restore that natural healing intelligence and supercharge the healing ability you already have within you.

Your Body Does the Healing.

I listen to your Body. Then.....

MindBody Sessions

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So, how can I help you?

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No matter your health issue, I'm here to support you! Through mindbody sessions, my goal is to help you find that place where your body and mind can release what is holding you back and create the natural and innate ability to heal. Let's talk!

I believe every person deserves better health and freedom to feel amazing every day.

Welcome, friend! I'm Kathryn - animal lover, writer, practitioner, and body whisperer. Since 2007, I've been on a journey to help you find your best health. I want to see you free from guilt/shame, anxiety, trauma and limiting ways of thinking that drag you down day after day. 

Meet Kathryn

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