No matter your health issue, I'm here to support you! Through mindbody sessions, my goal is to help you find that place where your body and mind can release what is holding you back and create the natural and innate ability to heal. Let's talk!

I believe every person deserves better health and freedom to feel amazing every day.

Welcome, friend! I'm Kathryn - animal lover, writer, practitioner, and body whisperer. Since 2007, I've been on a journey to help you find your best health. I want to see you free from guilt/shame, anxiety, trauma and limiting ways of thinking that drag you down day after day. 

Meet Kathryn


2 Kids are grown.
3 Grandkids are awesome.
1 Canine  fur baby who loves to share his toys.
3 Feline fur babies who think they must live on my lap unless they are hunting.



After several years of development, I began teaching other practitioners what I know and how I work.

Teaching my methods

9 yrs

I realized early on that available energy methods were lacking what my clients needed & began developing the Sacred Space Method.

developing new methods

14 yrs

I started my  own journey in 1984 with intercessory prayer and spiritual warfare. I find that it continues to be an integral piece of my practice.

Spiritual Warfare

40 yrs

In 2008, I opened a full time practice helping people change their health with mindbody methods.

Full Time Practice


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Fun Facts

I love all things creative. Weaving is my current fun thing to do.


My favorite place is...

My go-to coffee order is...

I can't live without...

You can find me...

You could call the coffee shop my second home. My go-to order is a latte - even when it's hot outside. Although some days I really need that Black Royal Chai!

...latte or black royal chai!

My favorite place is...

My go-to coffee order is...

I can't live without...

You can find me...

I love green grass, green trees, ponds, lakes, and the ocean. I'm happy when I see fields of crops and deer running. I really like knowing there is a language in flowers and nature just like there is in the body.


My favorite place is...

My go-to coffee order is...

I can't live without...

You can find me...

My discoveries in the connections between our mind, will, and emotions and their cause over physical health became a driving force in my own healing.  Early on in my training, I realized that God was showing me there are quicker and easier ways to shift health than the methods I had learned. That began the birth of Sacred Space.  It took a number of years of gathering knowledge and then in one afternoon, it all came together in a single technique. From there, Sacred Space has grown and is now a full healing method that complements other healing methods available. In 2014, Sacred Space became a teachable thing and I am ever grateful to my students who continue to amaze me with their client stories.

I learned to ask myself and my clients hard questions like:
How can this be different?
Who am I without this health issue?
Am I willing to give up the issue?
If I allow this to change, then what else will I talk about?

I come from a line of healers and teachers. My grandmother was a guiding light encouraging me to imagine potentials, to think, and to create. She always asked to imagine what something would look like in a different color or with a different sound or whatever she was trying to illustrate to me. It is her influence that continues to flavor my life today.

Growing up, I thought I would be a doctor. But I realized early on that I could feel other people's pain and that "physician" was not a fit for me. 

In my early 20's, I began to learn about spiritual warfare and the art and power of prayer. The changes that I saw were often so incredible, that I knew there was more to the spiritual side of physical health.

By my mid-thirties, I was still entangled in the medical model and it was failing me. This continued until nearly a decade later when I discovered energy medicine. And this is where the spiritual met the physical for me.

Suddenly, my health began to improve and I knew then that I had found my true calling in life. Since that time, I have learned a lot and have seen so many clients' health change.

My Story

Who am I and why

Chakra Balancing
Energy Clearing
Healing Touch
Essential Oil Therapies
Certified Nutritional Counselor
Master Herbalist
Meridian Stretching
Resistance Flexibility Strength
     Training (Bob Cooley,
     Genius of Flexibility)

Kathryn Springman, BCND

Kathryn Springman, BCND

Professional Bio & Training

is a published author, board certified naturopathic doctor, homeopath, certified Accunnect practitioner/trainer, and founder/instructor of the Sacred Space Method™. She grew up in the medical industry as the daughter of a prominent eye surgeon and spent several years as a patient advocate for cataract surgical patients.

Sacred Space Method™

Since the inception of Sacred Space™, Kathi successfully combines Sacred Space™ techniques with other healing methods including Accunect™ and BodyTalk™ to bring the best in energy medicine healing to her clients. She continues to research and develop energy techniques and enjoys sharing her passion for energy medicine with her clients and students.

Dyslexia Training

Kathi has always loved working with people and has clinical experience as a therapist for dyslexic students utilizing the Davis Dyslexia method as well as the National Institute for Learning Dispabilities (NILD) "Discovery" method. After her experience in energy medicine, Kathi saw the great benefits that energy work has over other stress management and dyslexic/learning disability methods. Other methods offer coping mechanisms. Sacred Space offers real hope in solving the underlying complexities that cause dyslexia/learning disabilities and its related problems. Students of all ages come to Kathi for sessions for study and test performance whether they have a history of learning disabilities or not.

     (Human Microbiome)
Stress & Metabolism
Weight & Metabolism
Myoskeletal Alignment
Orthopedic Evaluation
Total Body Balancing
Lymphatic Drainage
Family Systems Evaluation
Body Psychology 


Other Training