Kathryn Springman loves all things creative! Her grandmother taught her to sew and taught her to use her imagination and use it well, always asking, “Can you imagine it this way or that? Can you imagine what something looks like in a different fabric or in a different color?” Her grandmother also encouraged her to look at the miraculous nature of life that surrounds all of us–in birdsong, in water flowing through a creek and the breeze in our hair.
Her mother taught her a love of puzzles and the wonder of how pieces go together to make the full picture (even if we can’t see it). Her father provided her with the opportunity to witness the greatness of a pioneer healer whose bedside manner both calms and reassures.
Ms. Springman has over 30 years experience in prayer, intercession, and spiritual warfare. When a friend urged her to rethink and redefine health, this catapulted her into BodyTalk and alternative energy healing.
As an Advanced Certified and PaRama BodyTalk Practitioner and BodyTalk Access Trainer, she has continued to develop and expand techniques and offers consultations and conducts seminars to other practitioners regarding her techniques. In addition to teaching the BodyTalk Access for laypeople, she is working on a series of seminars for teaching laypeople her techniques.
Kathryn Springman brings new insights based on science and the ancient wisdom of God. Health is more than what we see in the body, and if we are struggling in the health of even one area of our lives–spiritually, mentally, emotionally, or physically–then on some level we are struggling with the health of all. Ms. Springman’s approach to health is one that balances all those aspects of our being.
Ms. Springman has a full time BodyTalk practice in Edmond, Oklahoma where she conducts both in person and distance healing sessions. You can find her at www.okBodyTalk.com or on her Facebook author page at www.FaceBook.com/kaspringman.